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Inspite Of Having Their Own Children Sushma Swaraj Slammed ‘SOME CELEBRITIES’ Who Goes For Surrogacy Procedure

Sushma Swaraj just attacked celebrities! Reason? Well, because as per her, celebrities have made surrogacy as a hobby. But wait, with this statement, did she mean Aamir Khan or Shah Rukh Khan?

Yesterday, the Union Minister slammed celebrities as she felt they have made surrogacy a ‘Shauq’ or a ‘Fashion’. Obviously she didn’t name anyone but reffered to celebrities who are already having kids i.e. both a girl and a boy. She further added that those celebrities are saving their wives from the trouble of labor pain.

New Delhi: Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj during a programme organised on the culmination of Indio-Nepal Car Rally at India Gate in New Delhi, on March 8, 2015. (Photo: Sunil Majumdar/IANS)


Sushma Swaraj says “We have many examples of celebrities who have their own children, still they have gone for a surrogate child,”

Gauri Khan and SRK, inspite of having daughter Suhana and Aryana chose the option of surrogacy for AbRam. Even Aamir Khan chose this option of 3rd child Azad (With 2nd wife Kiran Rao), inspite of having daughter Ira and son Junaid (With 1st wife Reena).

While addressing a Press Conference, Sushma Swaraj stated


“I am pained to say that the procedure that started as a necessity, has become a hobby of sorts. This is not a thing for pleasure… it has become a fashion these days. Permission (under the bill) is for necessity, not shauk… there is no permission for cases in which the wife does not want to go through labour… you make a poor woman go through labour pain instead.”

Union Cabinet approved the bill under which single parents, homosexual couples and live-in partners aren’t allowed to go for surrogacy. This is mainly for protecting the surrogate mothers and also for controlling the percentage of surrogacy which is increasing day by day.


So don’t you agree with Sushma Swaraj? Do let us know what you think in our comments section below!

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