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Justin Bieber & Sofia Richie caught making out in public ! PICS LEAKED!


Well, Twitterati went crazy over these intimate pictures of the couple. In fact,  #justinsextapeleakedparty was trending on Sunday morning!

Well, Justin Bieber’s current squeeze Sophia Richie ( sister of Nicole) just turned 18. His crazy fans, Beliebers haven’t taken kindly to her but nothing has stopped the singing sensation from pampering his new girlfriend. In fact, ever since she turned eighteen, reports state they have been inseparable!

According to a leading portal, he threw her a birthday dinner, took her home for a cozy night, took her on a shopping spree, and then the couple headed to Mexico. In Cabo San Lucas, they were caught getting a little too intimate in their bathing suits and all those pictures have now leaked! Well, ever since the pop star has deleted his Instagram account, the media has been looking for ways to gain access on him. Once these pictures leaked, the hashtag #justinsextapeleakedparty  was trending on Twitter. In fact, twitterati is now finding uncanny similarities between his current girlfriend Sofia and ex Selena!

When you’re trying to find your ex girlfriend in an other girl but you really can’t. #justinsextapeleakedpartypic.twitter.com/mEjBSi6u9h

— jelena (@jelena_ship) August 28, 2016

he can quit ig, twitter & if he kept up with his shameful acts then he might have to quit his fans heart & career #justinsextapeleakedparty

— shivangi (@selenaindreams) August 28, 2016

WELL 😌#justinsextapeleakedparty pic.twitter.com/1lLdt2d8Li

— ; (@1994baes_) August 28, 2016

Omg what did i just see 😱#JustinSexTapeleakedpartypic.twitter.com/alMITyhhoz

— //ZM ✨ (@EgaJoe88) August 28, 2016

GUESS WHO’S GOING TO DEACTIVATE ON TWITTER SOON!!! #justinsextapeleakedpartypic.twitter.com/rbJ1x1ZnmO

— n (@neanzenith) August 28, 2016


For all those who don’t know, before Sophia Richie, Justin Bieber had been allegedly dating Hailey Baldwin and then was seen frolicking in the nude on a Hawaii beach with an Instagram model Sahara Ray. It was when he started posting pictures of Sophia Richie that he started receiving criticism from his belieber fans. He then issued a warning to his fans and asked to stop psoting mean things about the people he liked.  “I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand, if you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people I like.” That did not go down well on his fans who believed he was siding somebody totally new as opposed to his fans he has known for years. Even his ex-girlfriend intervened and made an uneccsary comment for which she later apologised. That’s when Justin Bieber deleted his Instagram account and his 77 million followers.

Post which, the paparazzi has caught him getting intimate with Sofia Richie! So, fans are now wondering after the hashtag #justinsextapeleakedparty trended on Twitter, is the singing star going to delete his Twitter account?

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