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Karan Singh Grover is NOT a loyal husband..? What Bipasha Says …!

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And she speaks up to shut them up, once and for all…

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover have been married for about 4 months now and we might as well add, they seem to be going really strong in their relationship. Break into their Instagram account and you will find tons of pictures that speak volumes of the love they share. In fact, the two are so madly, truly and deeply in love right now that they just can’t stop gushing about each other. However, turns out not everyone’s happy seeing this couple for it came very evident through Bipasha’s latest Instagram post. Yes!

So Bips posted a thought for the day a couple of days back which said, “So never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer give a damn.” and captioned it saying, “loveyourself.” Obviously it was just a passing thought that probably she thought to share like how all of us do on our respective social media handles. But her haters saw this as a big opportunity to relate it to Bipasha’s relationship with KSG and flooded this Instapost with questions like, “Trouble in paradise?” What happened now? I hope it’s not about your relationship LOL”Karan Ne Akela Kar Diya Kya?” Some even stooped low to an extent they actually went on to say, “I can hear wedding bells. KSG’s fourth wedding and this time she will be a gujarati.” Whoa! Can you believe it?

Bipasha definitely didn’t go easy with this. As soon as she read these distasteful comments, she replied on the post saying, “All who think that loyalty only has to exist between lovers are absolutely foolish. It’s the main quality at work and friendship too. In every aspect of life. So all you people who think this quote is for my husband, I am sorry to disappoint you all.” Well, said Mrs Grover!

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This reminds us how Bipasha had even slammed such trollers while she was on her honeymoon earlier this year. Reacting to the wierd comments, she had taken up to Instastating, “This is to address the weird comments on my Towel Art post recently.The first post was 3 rd Jan 2015, no strange negative comments. Second post this week , lots of weird comments.My question is why is it so disturbing and offensive to see beautiful towel art done by talented house keeping staff??? What has changed??? Now I am married so I can’t like Towel art???? Anyways pretty ridiculous! Get a life guys who look for negativity in the sweetest of things. Be happy . Live your own life. And yes I will post more Towel art soon! He he because I love it. There are many ppl am sure who appreciate other ppls sweetness:)”

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