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Rs. 9 Lakh Bill For Traveling With Ola !! Think Twice :

Yes, you heard it right! The passenger, Rathish Sekhar from Hyderabad, was left in shock after receiving a bill worth Rs. 9 lakh from the Ola driver.

The story before unimaginable receiving receipt…

Sekhar works on government projects as a consultant. He was traveling from Jubilee Hill to Nizamabad, and vice versa. The distance was approximately 450km, but after seeing the total amount he was baffled to the hilt.olanijamadab-600x359

And the twist in the story!!!

The estimated amount was Rs. 5000 when he checked on the Ola app. But, there was a dramatic twist when the app showcased he drove 85,427km.

Technical errors can give you heart attack too…

Further, the Government Consultant adds, there was definitely a technical error in the meter and hence it calculated such a big amount. Even the driver was shocked with the whopper pack that app flashed. The missing dots screened Rs. 9000 amounts to Rs. 900000. For instance, the amount like Rs. 9158.75 can be Rs. 915875.


The driver further adds in jest that Mr. Sekhar could have easily bought two new brand new Indica with this jumbo price. Albeit, the company agreed on the snafu and recalculated his bill to avoid inconvenience. The actual bill was Rs. 4812 which gave him a chance to breathe a sigh of relief.

Later Ola offered an excuse for such annoyance.

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