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Digital India Is “BOOMING”: Now Drive Without Driving License Or RC

Today, Digital Locker Integration for driving license and vehicle registration has been launched.

Now, you can put on your seat belts and drive without carrying your driving license and RC. And, for doing this you won’t be asked to pay the fine. You just need to keep a copy of your document in the digital locker. With Digilocker App, traffic police or other agencies can verify your documents. IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad launched the new app by the Ministry of Transport and Highway driving license and vehicle registration system along with Digital Locker Integration. Nitin Gadkari, the Road Transport Minister was also present there.


With this service, checking the licence and RC will be quite easy for the officers. The officers who will be verifying the documents will need this mobile app. This app will be with both car owner and the officer. The penalty can be paid with the help of penalty points within the app.

The integration of the app is considered to be a crucial step by the PM Narendra Modi. The documents provided in the app will be centralised.

What is DigiLocker?

DigiLocker is one useful app where you can digitally store copies of your important documents. You can save documents like pan card, passport, mark sheets, degree certificates, or other important papers. Policemen can directly check your documents through mobile. The process will be applied to the state. The process will be named after vehicle and driver’s name


Approximately 19.5 registrations and 10 million DL will be uploaded on this app.

How to download this App?

Download this app from the play store on your smartphone. To activate this app, register with your mobile number. Use the OTP to activate the app. It will automatically match or save your documents. This will also help in reducing the crime with fake documents. You can see the information once you add your vehicle number or DL number.

Share your views on this new launch by the PM.

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