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Will she or won’t she? Priyanka Chopra amplifies the MYSTERY around her donning a bikini in Baywatch



On the red carpet as Western media thronged around our desi girl, one such media asked her what kind of bikini would she be donning. Her exact question to Piggy Chops was, “What bathing suit are we rocking in this, are we over the hip bone or we are low and…” and just as the question was to be put to a full stop, Miss Chopra swiftly said, “Wait and watch…” with a whole ‘you’ll find out in the movie itself’ kinda feel to it! Now aren’t you a little naughty there? We’ve been dying to know whether she’ll be rocking a bikini or not. Now we’ve seen her don the two piece on several instance in fact, we’ve seen her don different kind of bikinis too. However, just being a part of Baywatch and continuing the legacy of wearing the red bikini and running on the beach is a must. Okay, maybe not a big must but to a certain extent it is!


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On the same, earlier she was quizzed with a slight hint of letdown from the journalist’s voice as she stated how she was expecting her to in red bikini, Miss Chopra retorted, “It’s so much easier to kill people! In Baywatch, I’m like, Victoria is like a major diva, so she doesn’t get her hands dirty. She has nails and stuff so she just asks her minions to do it. She’s like, ‘Just take care of that’. She’s so amazingly, delectably evil, like feminine and bitchy. (laughs)” Slated to release next summer, the whole team of Baywatch has kept us blind with what to expect and what not to. They aren’t revealing too much and hence we don’t even know what’s gonna happen and what not!

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We do hear that in Emmy’s after party, Piggy Chops got a little cozy with Marvel’s badman Tom Hiddleston! The duo presented the award together and a lot of flirting was happening, not just on stage but even at the after party. In fact, even numbers have been exchanged! Hope cupid’s struck at the right space! After being the 8th highest paid celeb in Hollywood’s TV domain, there’s so much more for Chopra to achieve and from the way she’s going, it’s not that far before she becomes number one!

As for the mystery surrounding Priyanka Chopra’s bikini donning in Baywatch, check out the video below and see it for yourself whether she’d be wearing one or not! Also, tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  • Quantico star Priyanka Chopra turned presenter at 68th Emmy awards

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    • Priyanka Chopra turned into a presenter at the 68th Emmy Awards

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    • Priyanka Chopra caught everyone’s attention on the red carpet at Emmy Awards 2016

      PeeCee was seen twirling on the red carpet to flaunt her super hot red dress at the 68th Emmy Awards.

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