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5 super easy ways to detox Your Body

Summer is a perfect time for us to get into the process of detox since fresh organic fruits and vegetables are available in plenty during this period. Additionally when it is warm, it is easier for our body to be in a detox process naturally.

What you eat every day matters, as habits add up and the bad ones take a toll on your health. So, if you want a quick way to ramp up your energy, clear your mind, and lighten the toxic load on your body, food-based detox can make a big difference on how you look and feel.

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It’s time to flush out the toxins from our bodies and get rid of the excessive chemicals, sugar, processed foods and alcohol too.

The liver produces its own antioxidants, but it also needs other antioxidants from food sources in order to remain healthy. So, eat foods that support the liver and the digestive system. Increasing antioxidant-rich foods can also help counter the free radicals in the body. Mentioned below are a few detox tips which helps to clean out our bodies and make us feel healthy, light & refreshed.


Mmmm melons! The perfect summer fruit. (Shutterstock)

Watermelon is the number one food for a summer detox. It is extremely alkaline-forming in the body and contains high amounts of citrulline. This helps to create arginine which removes ammonia and other toxins from the body. Also watermelon is a good source of potassium which balances the high amounts of sodium in our diets which supports your kidneys and is great when cleansing.


Cucumbers are great as sandwiches or eaten raw. (Shutterstock )

Cucumbers help flush toxins from the body. The high water content in cucumbers gets your urinary system moving. A half-cup of sliced cucumber only has 8 calories.


Squeeze some lemon in your drink for a bout of freshness. (Shutterstock )

Your liver loves lemons. The lemon is a wonderful stimulant to the liver and is a dissolvent of uric acid and other poisons. It is alkalizing for the body and hence helps restore balance to the body’s pH.


Think mint, think coolness! (Shutterstock )

Mint leaves are great for summer cooling. It helps you digest your food more effectively and improves the flow of bile from the liver, to the gallbladder, to the small intestine, where it breaks down dietary fats.


Green tea is amazing for his many qualities. (Shutterstock )

Drink lots of green tea which is loaded with polyphenols, which function as powerful antioxidant.

(As told by Sonia Narang, Nutrition Expert)

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