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MTV Splitsvilla 8 contestant Gaurav Arora transforms into Gauri

Last year popular dating show, Splitsvilla 8 saw Gaurav Aroraas a male contestant. During the show, Gaurav announced that he is bisexual. However, the young lad, who was known for his sculpted body has now undergone complete transformation. Gaurav, who has always been vocal about his bisexuality has now changed his name to Gauri Arora. In the pictures Gaurav is seen flaunting women's outfits, a sizzling figure, pouty lips that he got with the help of injection, short bob and enhanced cheekbones.
Gaurav, who worked as a male model earlier has now got an Instagram account by the name of Gauri Arora. His account has several pictures of himself, dressed as a woman. According to reports, the model has not undergone any sex change operation, but feels more like a woman right now.
As reported earlier, Arora got laser hair removal done to get the smooth and shiny female body that he has today.
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