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TV Actress Sonarika Bhadoria Talks About The Time She Was Shamed For Posing In A Bikini


Most of you may recognise Sonarika Bhadoria from the mythological TV showDevon ke Dev...Mahadev. And most of you might remember her as the 'on screen' Parvati. But often the audience and fans commit the mistake of perceiving actors as per their on-screen characters. They forget that actors are also normal people like us, and the characters they play on screen are a part of their daily job.


A similar situation had surfaced for Sonarika, when she had posted bikini pictures on her Instagram account a couple of months back. Social media had slut shamed her for it, considering she played the goddess Parvati on screen! And now, according to a Pinkvilla report, Sonarika has spoken about the incident at a music launch event.



She said, "At that time, I was in Mauritius, happily vacationing with my brother. If I am going to a beach, I will wear a  bikini. I liked the pictures and hence posted them on my social account. Little did I know that people still live in that era where a girl is not allowed to skin show and if she does, then she is slut-shammed!  It was fine to a point until people dragged my family into the matter and used derogatory words for them."

She also talked about how she's glad that people now perceive her as Sonarika, instead of looking at her as Parvati.

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